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My very first batch of PCBs from BatchPCB!!

July 21, 2010 1 comment

I’ve recently been moving towards prototyping with surface mount components. Kinsten brand presensitized PCBs was my first choice. I did a lot of trials but the results were never really satisfactory. Maybe I was just being too particular. The PCBs that turned out should be functional, except they weren’t aesthetically pleasing.

So, after nearly exhausting my stock of presensitized boards, I decided it was time to turn to BatchPCB. From submitting my designs to receiving my PCBs was rather quick really, only about 3 weeks. I guess I got lucky. Check out some pictures I took of the PCBs after the break.
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DIY PCB Drill Press

April 6, 2010 10 comments

I have been using 0.8mm tungsten carbide drill bits for quite a while. I use it with a rotary tool free-handed, no drill press. I read all around the internet that these bits are really brittle and should not be used without a press. Well, I have never broken a single bit.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to get some smaller bits. I have about 10 pieces of 0.8mm bits from Ebay. Since I had such success with these bits, having 10 of them was rather redundant and wasteful. So, I thought I should get assorted sizes this time around, which means only 1 piece of each size. At these smaller sizes, I’m not really that confident with my hands.

Thinking about it, I noticed I had a pair of ball bearing drawer slides lying around. Aha, with some MDF scraps, a couple of hose clamps, and some screws, I could whip up a homemade drill press.

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