I’m quite a geeky person, though I don’t think that I’m especially good at geeky stuff. This blog here will mainly serve as a project log so that I’m more likely to “complete” the projects that I undertake.

That’s where “fickle” comes in. It’s not that I lose interest in the things that I do. In fact, the problem is I keep getting new ideas and interests. So, most of the time I would end up with half-baked projects. Having said that, there’s really no such thing as “complete” when it comes to tinkering.

I’m into most geeky stuff; microcontrollers, programming, circuit boards, motors, gears, sensors, thermoplastic, CNC, etc. I even do a bit of wood working occasionally. I also play games (not the sport kind). All those I consider fun things to do. “Work” is what I call anything that is not “fun” and includes a lot of day-to-day tasks.

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