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My very first batch of PCBs from BatchPCB!!

I’ve recently been moving towards prototyping with surface mount components. Kinsten brand presensitized PCBs was my first choice. I did a lot of trials but the results were never really satisfactory. Maybe I was just being too particular. The PCBs that turned out should be functional, except they weren’t aesthetically pleasing.

So, after nearly exhausting my stock of presensitized boards, I decided it was time to turn to BatchPCB. From submitting my designs to receiving my PCBs was rather quick really, only about 3 weeks. I guess I got lucky. Check out some pictures I took of the PCBs after the break.

PICkit 2 Clone

First up, my new PICkit 2 clone. Schematics are from MCU Hobby. I made a new one because I gave my old one to my brother.

3.3V DC-DC Boost Regulator

Next is a 3.3V DC-DC boost regulator. This one is actually a pretty tiny board. I should have taken a picture with a ruler for scale. Anyways, it only measures 1.2″ x 0.9″.

Latches for 8x8 RGB LED matrix

Last one is a board with four tri-state latch ICs for addressing the rows and columns of an RGB LED matrix display. This board was rushed and in hindsight I should have opted for serial shift registers with constant current outputs instead.

I only ordered 1 of each design, but got 2 of each. The extras are imperfect though. But, the defects appear to be cosmetic at worst, so it was quite a nice bonus in case I screw up or need another copy.

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